Welcome to OSCAR CHE

Based on the McMaster University-based OSCAR EMR, LAMP Managed Services Inc. has built a community-tailored version of the software to fit our complex clients and reporting needs.

  • Flexibility

    LAMP Managed Services offers OSCAR CHE as both an ASP offsite solution, or local installation. It's all up to you!

  • Choice

    Besides the obvious cost-savings, if you are unhappy with our service, there are a number of other service providers in Ontario you can use.

  • Technology

    OSCAR EMR is browser-agnostic. Want to run it on an iPad? Sure! As long as it can get to the internet, it can run OSCAR.

  • Cost Savings

    Control your costs - fixed pricing model at competitive rates.


Use a solution designed for the Community Health sector, by the Community Health sector.

Services we offer

Through the OSCAR CHE platform, we are able to offer a host of EMR-based services and solutions for your organizational and client needs.

  • EMR Support

    Installation/Upgrade and maintenance of your EMR solution

  • Customization

    E-Form and EMR development and feature customization

  • Managed Services

    Managed IT services - augment your existing team or let us handle it

  • On/Offsite Backup

    Both local duplication, or replication offsite to Canadian datacenters

  • Consulting

    Consulting services on network, infrastructure or migration projects

  • Data Migration

    Have legacy system data migrated to one new, comprehensive EMR

  • Secure Protection

    Regular security audits make sure your data integrity is maintained

  • Support

    No-fee access to our knowledge-base and FAQ resources

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